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Conner Sullivan

Coach Stanfield is one of the strongest mentors of my teenage years; years that were vitally important to the man that I am now. Brad was a major strength during my turbulent times of high school adolescence; navigating the treacheries of life away from the protective auspices of my parents - both in HS and in college. While at Olu, I first encountered Brad in relation to FCA.

We developed a strong bond, both being dual-sport athletes and leadership type men. Brad took a liking to me right away and constantly challenged me to reach higher than I was for myself in all areas, especially academically, athletically and spiritually. He showed me that my potential was greater than just the baseball field, but also on the football field. And not only did he coach and help me develop into the football player (eventually I played QB at USC for 4 years and professionally in Germany for one)...BUT he encouraged me to use my gifts of artistic intelligence to spread the message of the Gospel with those I will have the pleasure of encountering on my travels around the world! 

Conner Sullivan
University of Southern California 
Football & Baseball
Orange Lutheran high school

(c) 657-744-8639

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