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Mike McCoy

My name is Mike McCoy and I’m the founder and owner of Maximum Performance Institute - a premiere High Performance and Wellness center. I am a former wide receiver at The University of Alabama/ National Champion and Certified Strength specialist.

Coach Stansfield came to UA my sophomore, my first year starting at my position. He assisted us from the weight room to the field especially after practice because I caught over 100 passes daily. He was definitely a players coach, very involved in our day to day activities. He and I bonded immediately because I think we both had something to prove, we both embraced the grind. No matter the task or what was on the schedule we were all gas no brakes. Til this day we abide by the same principles that defined us years ago COMMITMENT, TOUGHNESS, PRIDE, DISCIPLINE, and EFFORT.

I am more than grateful and consider this an honor to write a letter of recommendation for Coach Stansfield. He is more than qualified and definitely fits the mold for your program. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him and watching him grow as a man, husband, father, and great coach. I immediately recognized his ability to connect, understand, and process anything to do with sports. I just know he will be more than successful in any arena because of his tenacious work ethic.

In my field of profession, we are always looking for Coach Stanfield type of character and personality. He has the ability to engage and build a individual from the ground up. He certainly has an advantage over others with his experience coaching football at an elite level. In my opinion life is your best teacher, so I know he will excel in this field.

I wish I could hire someone of his caliber because his presence changes an entire room. I’m more than amazed at his constant growth as a young man, you won’t find another person who’s as driven. He will more than add value to your program.

This program will be getting a valuable and committed players coach, who will bring passion and energy daily. I give my word and name for this man.

I am available to speak more in detail if needed.

Mike McCoy
Owner of Maximum Performance Institute


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