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Philip Amy

To Whom It May Concern
I am writing this letter on behalf of Coach Stanfield. I have had the privilege of having the opportunity to work with Coach Stanfield for three years of my high school career. Coach Stanfield has transformed my life on and off the field. 

My senior year of high school being a 5’6” undersized quarterback it was a very different feel to finally be named the starter of the varsity football team. However, under Coach Stanfield’s guidance I was completely prepared for what was to come. Coach Stanfield had one simple rule. Stay true to who you are, stay true to the game, and stay true to what you see. Summed up as stay true. These words resonated with me. Ultimately allowing me to accomplish breaking my school's single game passing record, leading my team to an 8-3 season, and the opportunity to play collegiate level football. 
Off the field Coach Stanfield’s impact was felt the most. My living situation was very unstable my senior year and at times I would struggle to get to school. Once Coach Stanfield caught word of this I no longer needed to worry about transportation, because he would pick me up and drop me off regardless of the distance. If I had nothing to eat; Coach Stanfield would help provide me with food. 
It would be very hard to sum up Coach Stanfield in just a few words, but if I had to, I believe only: dependable, energetic, and wise would best fit. When you are around Coach Stanfield everything is just different. You can tell you are in the presence of a winner and that energy is contagious. Coach Stanfield’s daily pursuit of greatness has transferred to me. His ability to keep the same intensity at chasing his dreams is truly remarkable. 
Philip Amy.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions:

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