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Steven Hamner, the Founder and President of Reach Training, is a sports performance coach who specializes in the training and preparation of elite professional athletes, with particular expertise in football and baseball. Reach Training has been in the Austin, TX area roughly 2 years. 

Steven has over a decade of experience in the sports performance field, with the majority of that time dedicated to working exclusively with elite athletes. 

Steven’s main clientele are NFL and MLB athletes, developing and managing their programs both during the season and in the off season. 

We have a full body assessment for quarterbacks that come to us that helps us determine a quarterbacks deficiencies, strengths, and overall needs. We work hand in hand with the quarterbacks coach/skill trainer as we relay what our takeaway is from the assessment and how we are going to attack it in the weight room and during his warm up.

Several areas of what we look for in this assessment are:

*Head to toe posture evaluation
*How the shoulder rotates 
*How the scapula upwardly rotates
*Single leg stability
*Hip/Thoracic rotation mobility
*Several other movement and mobility screens that we find valuable in throwers, specifically quarterbacks

These measurements all play a role in throwing a football, specifically ball release and velocity on the ball.

Below is an example of 3 different shoulders that have 3 different needs. Knowing how your shoulder rotates and understanding if your shoulder is stiff, average, or hypermobile is key in proper shoulder care.

Steven holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Performance and is recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

The link below is to the Reach Training website along with several testimonials of players Steven has worked with

Steven Hamner: About
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