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"Stanfield is the best "Sequence guy" (Biomechanics) I have ever been around. He has really helped me come into my prime the last 3 years in the league (NFL)"

Davis Webb

 New York Gaints


"You came to practice. I was dealing going into that season. You & Will had me feeling as good as any going into that season." Sam is a true testament to commitment for all the right reasons. Hard to find someone we respect more.

Sam Ehlinger


"Stanfield has really helped me with arm calibration and having answers with my feet inside our system. I think he is one of the guys in this business that you would look for."

Will Grier
Dallas Cowboys


"Everything improved with him after OTA's. Everything." His Qb coach for Denver Broncos. He needed some things unlocked in his game and it happened. From his body to his first step (feet), twitch, it all improved." You guys did a great job connecting dots on and off the field. It was as smooth as he could ask for. 

Jarrett Stidham
Denver Broncos


"We've just cleaned everything up. There are a lot of small nuances of throwing a football that people don't really know about. We put a lot of time in 2021 off-season where I had the break out year of my college career. We have continued into my NFL Career."

Clayton Tune
Arizona Cardinals

Quarterbacks: Testimonials

 "It was definitely worth it. I learned a lot and it was good work. Look forward to it again"

Shane Buechele
Kansas City Chiefs


"You (Stanfield) have really helped me with using my core, hips, & body as a thrower. You have also helped with small things in my game since 7th through HS and some in college. Like answers for my feet."

Jalen Milroe
University of Alabama


"Since 7th grade, Stanfield has been with me. From mechanics to making all the throws from the pocket and on the move, he knows what he is doing. It's been a fun ride."

Hudson Card
University of Texas


"We both grow together spiritually as much as anything. From him lining up professionals to handle my body to mechanics, to zooms with you and Luke on NFL Film, my game and purpose has without a doubt improved."

Preston Stone
Southern Methodist University


"We've just cleaned everything up. There are a lot of small nuances of throwing a football that people don't really know about. We put a lot of time in 2021 off-season." Tune went on to finish 4th in the country behind Bryce Young in highest-graded QB

Clayton Tune
University of Houston

Cade Klubnik 102222_1_edited.jpg

"The strengthen program we developed for my upper half that off-season was huge for me going into senior yr. I was also put on a path for arm slot control. As well as some answers for my feet getting the ball out within and out of the pocket." Cade went on to win the Elite 11 four months later, became the top Dual T QB in the country, and won a state title.

Cade Klubnik
Clemson University


"Since the spring of my sophomore year, till now you have added so much to my game. One thing for sure is just the mental process. From the X & O's, the mindset of how to prepare week in and week out on the field."

Ryan Stubblefield 
Eastern Carolina University

Quarterbacks: Testimonials
Quarterbacks: Testimonials

"Coming off reconstructive surgery from a contact injury you and Jimmy brought me back." Aaron went on to win the starting job and won many award in 2023 season. He was truly the comeback story of the year in the SWAC for 2023 season.

Aaron Allen
Alcorn State


"We worked on balancing me out with my posture as a thrower staying level. We also instilled some answers with my feet from within and out of the pocket."

Connor Weigman 
Texas A&M University


"We really attacked our system with my Wrs this offseason. The arm care program was important as well. After one season, Colby ended up signing a 3 year contract with the New York Jets" 

Colby Suits
Houston Christian

JD Head_edited.jpg

"You have had answers for me since high school. Cleaning things up in all areas from the way my body functions to mechanics. The relationship and prayers have meant a lot."

Jd Head 
North Texas


"We really attacked efficiently from the body to mechanics. We attacked balance and answers for my feet within my system."

Jacob Zeno


"Stanfield helped me with my sequence and timing. The video analysis and mechanical cues were spot on"

Charlie Brewer 


"Since HS, you have really helped my game. I feel like I learn something new every time we get together. Distance on the deep ball, lower half mechanics, and answers for my feet to name a few"

Diego Tello


'You really helped my improve my velocity, and give me answers for my feet that summer into my senior year of college. Those were some good times"

Cam Arnold 

Quarterbacks: Testimonials

"My velocity definitely picked up. Overall college/NFL level footwork with anwers for my feet inside and out of the pocket. We also focused on making all the college and high level throws in and out of the pocket."

Jett Huff
University of Houston


"From X&O's, to my mind and heart, you were and are huge part of me being where I am today. Without you I don't make it this far accomplishing what we did." PJ is 5'6 175 who broke school records throwing the football.

Phillp Amy
Graceland College


'You really helped my improve my velocity, and overall consistency as a thrower. All the small nuances and drills helped me find a better me for sure. "

Bryce Corriston
Wofford College

"The mechanical cues and overall program you take us through in 2 hour group sessions is solid stuff. It definitly added value to my game."

Brady Mcbride
Appalachian State

Quarterbacks: Testimonials

"Answers for my feet, overall lower half, upper half mechanics, and timing. As well as being able to own college level throws. The mental mindset of how to approach everyday to be your best you was on point as well"

Clifton McDowell


"Since HS, you have really helped my game. I feel like I learn something new every time we get together. You were always pushing me to be better at everything I do"

Chase Campbell
Arkansas State

"The mechanical cues you have for owning college level throws from in and out of the pocket where great. The mindset stuff is huge as well. Overall Video analysis is great as well."

Hayes Gibson

Blinn Juco

"Since 7th grade you have been huge for me on all levels. Mental, the x&os, my relationship with God, and being the best Qb I can be for all the right reasons."

Carter Cravens
Morehead State

Quarterbacks: Testimonials

"From arm care, body assessments, mechanics, feet, and X&O's we hit it all. It really felt good to pop off as my best me going into my senior yr of HS. Excited to see what we can do in college."

DJ Ceirs
Bethal College


" I would not be where I am today without you. We put in so many hours, me having to drive so far just to get to you. It has been more than worth it."

Teague Sedtal
Texas A&M Kingsville

Cj ward.jpg

"You really helped me level up from juco to where I am today. I would say from the mindset stuff, make all the college level throws, small cues to own my feet, and mechanics really helped a lot."

Cj Ward
Jewel College


"The sequencing that we did with kinetic chain work really helped me own a more consistent me. We even took it to the streets of your house to own some things. It definitely took my game to a new level of cofidence.

Cornelius Banks


Quarterbacks: Testimonials
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