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Philip Amy

Former QB 

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing this letter on behalf of Coach Stanfield. I have had the privilege of having the opportunity to work with Coach Stanfield for three years of my high school career. Coach Stanfield has transformed my life on and off the field. 

Brad Hargis

To whom it may concern, 

I am writing to strongly recommend my old football coach, Brad Stanfield. I only played under Coach Stanfield for a season, but he pushed us to our full potential while also demonstrating his care and concern for each player on an individual level. The atmosphere created by Coach Stanfield was one where failure was never seen as an

Conner Sullivan

Coach Stanfield is one of the strongest mentors of my teenage years; years that were vitally important to the man that I am now. Brad was a major strength during my turbulent times of high school adolescence; navigating the treacheries of life away from the protective auspices of my parents - both in HS and in college. While at Olu, I first encountered Brad in relation to FCA.

Mike McCoy

My name is Mike McCoy and I’m the founder and owner of Maximum Performance Institute - a premiere High Performance and Wellness center. I am a former wide receiver at The University of Alabama/ National Champion and Certified Strength specialist.

Coach Stansfield came to UA my sophomore, my first year starting at my position.

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